Kerry (luvalotkerbear) wrote in portland_hawks,

Alrighty I'll make a post....

Seeing how the Hawks were in Spokane tonight. Good game if you were a Spokane fan. Maybe not such a great night to be a Portland fan.

I will say the Hawks first two goals were both nice plays and you have to credit the offense for that. I do wonder who much of an inpact not having Coburn in the lineup had on Portland's D though. Some of them looked a little lost at times tonight. And maybe more importantly, what kind of an impact it had on Portland's special teams...because thats really what this game game down to. The Chiefs got 3 PP goals, a SH tally and 2 EN's out of this one.

All in all it was another good game. I know most Portland fans feel they SHOULD have been able to beat a "last place club". But when it comes down to it these two teams really do match up well. It makes for good hockey games at least...
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